Waterstof Kansenrapport Frankrijk (Engelstalig: Hydrogen Sector Study France - Netherlands)

The Hydrogen Sector Study was made by The New Drive, missioned by RVO and the Dutch Economic Network in France.
From the Executive Summary:
Highlights hydrogen cooperation opportunities France - The Netherlands 
• In France there is an enormous dynamic regional hydrogen activity. Dutch companies should find opportunities there and learn from this regional development.
• In company to company cooperation we see that the largest chances for cooperation is in the Electrolysis and Road Mobility sector.
• Cooperation can be on Dutch ground as well as in France , where we see cooperation with OEMs here as a large opportunity.
A Participation to European subsidy programs is also an option though it seems in many cases more suitable for the larger organisations. It is clear which programs are there and which countries or companies participate.
• We see a need for the Netherlands to be part of the Franco German cooperation
• We see a need to improve the attractiveness of the business climate for foreign (electrolysis) OEMs in the Netherlands 
• Continue strong lobbying between ministries with France and the Netherlands
• The Dutch subsidy climate should improve in transparency and support of the smaller innovative
• In our study a navigation/cartography of actors in France has been made for each hydrogen sector, this could be extended with a digital ‘marketplace’.

Beeld: ©RVO - Embassy of the Netherlands in Paris
Waterstof sector rapport Frankrijk maart 2021

Waterstof sector rapport Frankrijk maart 2021